Report: PGA Tour Looking Into Creating Its Own Television Channel

May 19, 2016

The PGA Tour has apparently begun to consider joining the ranks of other sports leagues in the U.S. by creating its own television channel. The Tour’s media deals with CBS and NBC can be terminated after 2018, and according to the Sports Business Journal, the Tour has toyed with the idea of launching their own network. 

These talks, the report says, accompany the initial courtship of additional bidders for PGA Tour packages. The Tour could decide to change partner networks or decide to go its own way.

That could involve established networks potentially aiding the Tour in the creation of a new channel. What form that would take in terms of corporate partnership remains unclear as the talks are considered preliminary.

 The Tour’s deal with the Golf Channel is locked until 2021, which could represent a potential snag in the Tour’s plans if they wanted to start their own channel. But there is the possibility that the Tour could instead partner with the Golf Channel through some kind of buy-in.