Padraig Harrington Will Not Read Your Tweets

Padraig Harrington Will Not Read Your Tweets


When it comes to Twitter, according to Padraig Harrington, it’s best to not even look. That’s the strategy Harrington unveiled Wednesday after his victory at the Honda Classic Monday.

Though Harrington celebrated with various tweets of his own commemorating his playoff victory over Daniel Berger, he refuses to read the mentions sent his way on the social network because of how ruthless users can be in their tweets directed at him.

At a photo shoot press conference Wednesday, Harrington recalled a story from February at the AT&T Pro-Am when he decided that reading those tweets wasn’t for him. “I read the next one, the next one, the next one and then I hit off. Turn that off,” he said. “I read four tweets and that is all I am ever going to read in my life.”

What’s more important to him this week is how his victory changes the social network interaction for his friends and family. As much as his first PGA Tour victory since 2008 was a relief for him, he was more relieved for those close to him.

“Somebody is much less likely to come up to my face and say, ‘What are you doing, you are playing terrible, you should do this.’ But they are quite happy to come and say it to a close friend or family,” he said.

“It’s a lot nicer for them (family and friends). It’s a sense of relief, it gives them a break for a while.”

The rest of the press conference can be seen here.

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