Hot? Melissa Reid, Notah Begay and Paddy. Not? Lara's caddie, Monty, Canadian golf

Hot? Melissa Reid, Notah Begay and Paddy. Not? Lara’s caddie, Monty, Canadian golf

Tiger Woods, right, will once again play in Notah Begay's charity tournament in August.
Kevin Rivoli/AP


1. Melissa Reid. Hard to imagine a more emotional victory than this English lass winning four weeks after her mother died in a car accident. This is why we love sports, because they often reveal so much character and strength.

2. Notah Begay. Dude throws a little fundraiser and Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Yani Tseng and Lexi Thompson agree to show up. That’s juice.

3. Hunter Mahan/John Wood. Forget the 61 on Sunday. What was really memorable was watching Hunter and his caddie wheel my pal David Finn up the final fairway while he pumped his fist with glee. What fan couldn’t feel his excitement?

4. Padraig Harrington. Having just been added to the Hall of Fame ballot, Paddy can already begin working on his speech. Not bad for a guy who was so uncertain of his playing prospects that he earned an accounting degree before turning pro.

5. Casey Wittenberg. It takes onions to turn down a PGA Tour start in favor of a Nationwide event, but obviously Wittenberg knew what he was doing by skipping Hartford. His win at the Wichita Open means he’s only one more W from a battlefield promotion to the big leagues.


1. Pretty much everyone on the Hartford leaderboard except Marc Leishman. I haven’t seen so many people throwing up on themselves since the pie-eating scene in “Stand By Me.”

2. Jose Manuel Lara. Who’s he gonna get for his next caddie, Jacques Clouseau?

3. Monty. He failed again at British Open qualifying. I’m getting the feeling he might not win a major.

4. Hale Irwin. Bidding to become the oldest winner in the history of the world, the 67-year-old blew up on Sunday at the Montreal Championship. He’s still more of a badass than just about anybody on the PGA Tour.

5. Canadian golf. No Canucks finished better than 50th at the LPGA event in Ontario, and Mike Weir still hasn’t made a cut this year. It’s not a good sign when the late Moe Norman is the only Canadian making headlines.