Open champion! Now what?

Unfair shake? Hamilton was surprised by how few doors opened for him after his win at Royal Troon.
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It’s possible that winning the Open has taken away some of my drive. It’s kind of like, I’ve done what I dreamed of doing when I was a kid, and now there’s nothing else to do. I know that’s a bad way to look at it.

Once I returned the Jug, (the buzz of winning) seemed to expire. I had it for that year after but I kept it in the case in my closet. I was afraid that when I went out, someone might steal it.

As far as endorsements, that didn’t change much at all, and I was very surprised. Even though I was an old rookie and I’d won arguably the best tournament you could win, nothing came. It was a little disappointing. I got into some tournaments with no cut. But there wasn’t much else other than what I already had.

My game these days is not where I’d like it. I should work on a swing change. But I hate taking lessons. I don’t take direction very well. I think my main problem is that I’m not really enjoying playing the game right now. And when that’s the case, things don’t always go too well.

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