One of Rory McIlroy’s Worst Shots Ever Happened in Dubai

If there was ever any doubt that a fairway wood can be a tough club to hit, the above video of the best golfer in the world pretty much proves it. That's Rory McIlroy flat-out top-hooking a fairway wood on the seventh hole during his second round today in Dubai.

The ball looks to be a little bit below Rory's feet, which would normally promote the left-to-right shot the broadcast team says he's trying to hit. Instead, he hits the weak fairway wood shot that is all-too-familiar to many of us amateur players. It usually happens to us after we've waited a few minutes for the group ahead to clear the green though.

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Rory recovered to par the 572-yard hole, part of his round of 70. He's at 8-under, tied for second, two shots behind Henrik Stenson.

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