Olympic Golf Needs a Big Fix. Here’s How to Do It

July 6, 2016

Olympic golf has started off on the wrong foot, with controversies surrounding the course, local health scares and the lack of participation of the world’s best golfers.

With that in mind, and with the impending 2017 vote on golf’s future in the Olympics, GOLF writer and creative golf mind Josh Sens joined the GOLF.com podcast to share ideas on how to enhance the competition, and make it more attractive for the game’s best players.

Though Sens is a bit skeptical about golf as an Olympic sport, he would love to see the world’s best amateurs headline the competition.

“We see our guys play against other countries, the best from other countries in the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup…in majors,” Sens said. “We already see enough of that. We need more of the amateurs. We need another avenue for unsung guys to build their names and unsung women to build their names…and build the Olympics up along the way.”

For that idea and a few others, check out the brainstorm podcast below.