No. 1 Triple Threat: Justin Timberlake

December 9, 2011

My No. 1 golf moment was my first ace. It was on the third hole at Lakeside [Golf Club, near Los Angeles], 182 yards, pin cut left-center. I hit a 5-iron—the perfect draw—over the hole and spun it back. We start going crazy, and news spread fast. I saw a group with a bunch of drinks. One of them said, "Don't worry—we put this on your account." [Laughs.]

Golf brings all kinds of people together, all ages, all cultures. We're all connected by that bond. I played with Arnie, who's the coolest person ever. I mean, he was Elvis, James Dean, Tiger, all rolled into one. I had a 35-foot double-breaker. He says, "Great putt!" the very second I hit it, and it lips out. He just knew it was a good putt. Amazing.

I play forged Callaway Diablos. I have three custom-made sets, one set [each] in L.A., New York, and Memphis. [Timberlake owns Mirimichi golf course outside of his native Memphis.] Yep, I'm a total club junkie.

I have crazy autograph stories. A few years back I was a guest at a course. I was on the 18th fairway, and when I looked up, 3,000 people were watching me. It looked like a pro-am! Someone called all the members and said, "Justin Timberlake's here! Bring your family."

Winning Grammys and Emmys are great, but my ace felt far superior. No contest. No one gives you a hole-in-one. No one votes. You have to take it. An ace is…eternal.

Justin Timberlake, 29, has won six Grammy Awards. He hosts the PGA Tour's Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.