The No. 1 Toy Titan: Robert A. Eckert

The No. 1 Toy Titan: Robert A. Eckert

Robert A. Eckert, 57, has been the chairman and CEO of Mattel since 2000.
Shecter Lee/Jeff Newton

I sensed that I have the sort of personality
to get hooked on golf,
and that’s
what happened. I play every Saturday
and Sunday. My game still needs work.
Birdies are as memorable to me as double
bogeys are to Rory McIlroy.

Mattel actually produces some golf
Barbie makes golf clubs,
and Fisher-Price has a golf set. Those
[ideas] didn’t come from me, but I applaud
getting youngsters interested in
the sport.

I tell folks to leave their work and cell
phones in the office.
To me, business
is best done in the office, and golf is
best done on the course. I play with
business folks, but we tend to never
talk business. We talk about families
and friends and our lives.

Looking back, I wish I had learned to
play as a young person,
because you
never forget how to play. It’s like riding
a bike. Now I’m learning how to ride
a bike at age 57, which is a challenge,
but that makes it more fun.

I’m even more passionate about it
because I’m so incompetent.
mother taught me to be humble, and
there is nothing more humbling than
yanking a brand-new Titliest into the
woods or putting a three-footer two feet
past the hole.I love the challenge. I love the game.
I’m totally hooked. My goal in life? To
play more golf.

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