The No. 1 Billion-Dollar Man: Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson, 62, stars in "Meeting Evil," out later this year.
Ben Van Hook

Golf Magazine interviewed Samuel L. Jackson—whose films have grossed over $4 billion combined—before he teed off at the Ann and George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic at Lakeside Golf Club, in L.A.

Sam, what number are you shooting for today?

The number is 4:45. I got places to be.

Many of your characters have tempers. What bothers you on the course? What makes you quote Ezekial 25:17, like in Pulp Fiction?

Slow play. I wanna play with three guys who are hitting fairways and greens. Let’s get this done in three hours. There should never be a five-hour round.

What’s your No. 1 Golf movie?

Dead Solid Perfect. It’s not a great film, but it got me started playing golf.

Who’s your No. 1 favorite playing partner?

I love playing with Don [Cheadle] and George [Lopez]. We have a good time, laugh, and try to help each other out. [Tournament host George Lopez chimes in] With Sam, here’s some advice: Do not ask for his autograph unless you say please. He hates it when people don’t say please. Drives him CRAZY. He does the whole, “Slowly I turn” thing.

Got it. Sam, pretty please tell us your No. 1 golf accomplishment?

Well, I’ve had a hole-in-one, but that’s luck. I once hit a 3-wood onto the par-5 15th at Augusta and made eagle. That got me around Amen Corner at under-par. Now that was a great accomplishment.