Nicolas Colsaerts Explains Why He Left the PGA Tour

December 16, 2016

After the Pete Willett snafu at the Ryder Cup this year, you’d think that European golfers would be wary of criticizing American golf and its fans. But the specter of that controversy didn’t stop Belgian golfer Nicolas Colsaerts from sharing his thoughts with the Scotsman on the PGA Tour.

Colsaerts played on the PGA Tour in 2013 and 2014 before eventually returning to the European Tour. He said that he made that decision because he didn’t like the lifestyle on the PGA Tour. “They look after you unbelievably, but for somebody who has always done his own thing, was always ‘happy’ to have some sort of freedom, all of a sudden you have all this pampering and everything. It was kind of getting on my nerves, always being checked, always somebody there,” he said. By the end of his time on the Tour, he felt like he was at his wit’s end. “It was like, ‘I can’t do this any more, I’m getting the f*** out of here, otherwise I’m going to go mad’. I just couldn’t do it,” he said.

He didn’t like the crowds that came out to Tour events, either: “I had a hard time understanding why these people always are on top of you, wanting to get within you. I’ve always been quite happy sharing in things, and giving away things, but give me some space. I kind of lost a little bit of freedom and the easiness that I’ve had with people. They are socially different than we are.”

Ultimately, Colsaerts said he missed the camaraderie on the European Tour, which he felt was lacking on the PGA Tour. “I remember the first time I came back it was like, ‘this is refreshing, people talk to one another,'” he said.