Nick Faldo Offers Advice to Jordan Spieth

November 18, 2015

Nick Faldo has a few tips for reigning World No. 1 Jordan Spieth.

Spieth has said that he wants to gain 5 or 10 more yards on his driving distance in 2016—but Faldo cautioned against the idea of messing with a proven winning formula.

“He doesn’t need to change,” Faldo told Reuters. “I’ve been there, when you’re playing well you’re always looking for more but all you really want to do is just maintain things. If you’re playing good enough to compete against everyone and your game is good enough to beat the best in the world … I wouldn’t go and look to over tinker with it. That’s what many have done before, thinking ‘I’ve got this good, I want to keep going’, but maintaining it is a tough enough game.”

The six-time major champ says that Spieth really needs to focus on maintaining his current abilities and keeping his confidence up. “There’s a knife edge between playing so well that it makes you feel so darn good that you feel 100 percent confident…to then, very simply, hitting a few bad shots. That whacks your confidence,” he said.

And Faldo knows what it feels like to be on top: he spent a collective 97 weeks in the number one spot in the early 1990s. Would the 5-10 yards off the tee have a negative impact? Maybe not. But like Faldo said, you don’t mess with a good thing.