Nick Faldo Finishes British Open With 71 Despite Freak Accident

July 17, 2015

Nick Faldo shaved 12 strokes off his Thursday round to shoot a 71 on Friday, but it was perhaps even more impressive when he admitted an injury almost kept him from teeing off.

After playing his final competitive round at the Old Course at St. Andrews, Faldo sat down with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi to discuss his day. Before delving into the sentimental answers that would come, Faldo said that a “freak accident” with a deer mount brought his second round into question. He didn’t disclose when the accident happened, but it sounds as though it was recent.

“That was the goal of the whole week to get the picture on the Swilcan Bridge,” Faldo said. “I had that ridiculous freak accident when I stabbed myself. I put my shirt on, there’s deer antlers behind me and I stabbed…I went to the hospital this morning because it was open again.

“This morning, I wasn’t going to play,” he continued. “This morning, I was like, This is ridiculous. I had a rotten day, I didn’t feel good about things yesterday, but when you’re a dad and your kids look at you and say ‘Dad, we think you should do it,’ well, I’ve got to do it now.”

Faldo was non-committal about this British Open being his last. He has exempt status for the 2016 and 2017 British Opens.

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