Natalie Gulbis: Donald Trump Advised Me To Fight For Equal Pay

June 2, 2016

Sixteen-year LPGA Tour veteran Natalie Gulbis joined the Podcast this week, discussing her career and relationship with Donald Trump.

In her latest column for, Gulbis says that she knows Trump well. The 33-year-old was on the second season of “Celebrity Apprentice” and has played golf with Trump many times. She told Jeff Ritter on the podcast that Trump has often been one of her mentors.

“The best piece of advice he has ever given me was to fight for equal pay,” Gulbis said. “Being a female in a very popular male sport, playing golf…imagine 10 years ago when we were fighting for the same marketing dollars and trying to get more exposure and trying to get better, stronger TV spots.

“He would continually encourage me to not take the first offer…to go and showcase what we bring to the table…He’s always been a big advocate for standing up for yourself and for not being afraid to take a risk and fight for those things.”

Gulbis discusses why Trump is good for golf and what’s next for her — on and off the course — in the podcast below.