My World: Tim Herron

My World: Tim Herron


What I’m listening to
I enjoy The Beatles, mostly their older stuff. And Big Head Todd.

What I’m watching
Criminal Minds. I play a lot of golf with one of the guys on the show, Thomas Gibson. He’s about a 5 and he drives it pretty far. We might have a little game to keep it interesting — a $5 or $10 Nassau.

My favorite movie
Scent of a Woman. I’m an Al Pacino fan, and one of the final scenes when he gets up in the school and talks about the kid is pretty cool.

My favorite escape
Oahu, Hawaii. There’s action in the city, but you can also get away to the beach. I have a good friend who takes us out in his boat and we go find places where guys are cliff diving. I don’t do it, I just watch.

First material thing I’d grab in a fire
A family portrait we took when the kids were small.

Moment I’d like to relive
The birth of my twins. It’s still nuts because they’re only a year old.

What I’d like to forget
Those first months when they were in the hospital because they were premature. Thankfully they’re fine now.

My best chance to win a major
If I get my draw working at Augusta I’ve got a good chance. I’ve been there enough and I know the course.

What I’m reading
I don’t read books — only magazines and the newspaper.

My favorite hobby
For the last 10 years I’ve really liked to freshwater fish but with three kids it’s hard to get out. My hobby now is trying to find things to do with my children.

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