My World: Luke Donald

My World: Luke Donald

Luke Donald
Jeff Sciortino

Interview by Tara Gravel

What I listen to

These days it’s English bands like Coldplay and Keane. And James Blunt had a good album that came out a few months
ago [Back to Bedlam].

What I watch
I just watched the first two seasons of 24 on DVD. I try to watch when I’m flying. It takes up a lot of time, thankfully. Jack Bauer — he just never dies.

Favorite movie
The Shawshank Redemption. The whole idea that [Tim Robbins’ character] knew he was innocent and his escape and how he treated the warden …. I like everything about it.

My golf hero
I’ve gotten to know Jack Nicklaus the last few years. I have a good relationship with him through the Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Fla. He’s told me to stay patient, but you always want to do better sooner rather than later.

Cool stuff
I have signed pictures of when I played with Jack and Tom Watson at the British Open on display in my office in
Florida. To be on the fairways with Jack at his last British Open [in 2005] was amazing and important.

Best chance to win a major
The U.S. Open. My game’s always been suited to hard courses. Drive it in the fairway and line up pars. I finished
third at Augusta in 2005, but the way they’ve lengthened the course goes against me. When it’s wet it’s tough.

I’d like to relive…
The Ryder Cups. It’s special to have the whole team around you, and to overcome another team. I’ve been lucky to be on two winning teams — touch wood, I haven’t been on the losing side yet, so I don’t know what that feels like.

Regrets, I’ve had a few
At the 2000 U. S. Amateur I lost in the semifinals to James Driscoll. I missed the chance to get to Augusta and the U.S. Open, and when you’re a college kid, that’s your dream. That’s the one I’d like to have over. But I don’t beat myself up. You learn and move on.

My workouts
I try to have a consistent routine, but I get lazy about getting up early on the road. I focus on core strength, and I do Pilates. I work off videos — they’re all my fiancee’s [Diane Antonopoulos] so I feel embarrassed saying which ones.

Sorry, ladies
We’re getting married June 24 in Greece. We’ve been together five years, since college at Northwestern. She’s started to learn golf, but she’s not so keen on it. She’s around it so much and I think she knows that when I’m not on the golf course I want to get away from it.

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