This week's heroes? The Mechanic, Lizette Salas and the Georgia Bulldogs. Zeros? Mike Davis and Kenny Perry's 'Majors'

This week’s heroes? The Mechanic, Lizette Salas and the Georgia Bulldogs. Zeros? Mike Davis and Kenny Perry’s ‘Majors’


1. Miguel Angel. He’s still good for laughs, but Jimenez’s play is no joke: with another win, he has almost surely locked up a spot on the Ryder Cup team, and he remains a good pick at any of the three remaining majors. You know what makes a golfer interesting? Wins.


Miguel Angel Jimenez

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2. Bulldogs. With Brendon Todd’s victory, that’s now five Georgia alums who have won on Tour this year. As USC is to running backs and Penn State to linebackers, Georgia is now to stud golfers.


Brendon Todd

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3. Patrick Rodgers. In his last six starts, the Stanford stud has five victories and a runner-up, tying the school record for career victories set by a dude named Eldrick. Nice company to keep.


Patrick Rodgers

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4. Lizette Salas. The charming 24-year-old earned her first career victory, and it’s a great American story: her parents were immigrants from Mexico, and her dad worked as a mechanic at a golf course in Azusa, Calif., bartering extra handyman jobs with the head pro in exchange for lessons for his little girl. Lizette was the first in her family to earn a college degree, and now she has an LPGA victory to go with it. Great stuff.


Lizette Salas

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5. Mike Weir. What a reclamation project this is. Very few players have ever fought back from the depths Weir reached in the last few years. A victory would have been nice, but the journey is already inspirational.


Mike Weir

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1. Senior moments. John Cook double-hit a ball and didn’t even know it, and Fred Couples forgot to show up for his tee time. Golf is a hard game even before the mental faculties begin to go.


Fred Couples

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2. Julien Brun. The TCU junior is skipping the NCAAs to play in this week’s Colonial. This kid has a lifetime to compete in B-list Tour events. Isn’t his school more important?


Julien Brun

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3.  King Louis. Four bogeys on the back nine ended his bid at the Nelson. But that’s okay, Oosthuizen is just trying to peak for his fifth major, the John Deere.


Louis Oosthuizen

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4. Mike Davis. The USGA executive director earned a cult following for helping to apprehend Jungle Bird at the 2012 U.S. Open, but after that macho bodyslam by a Nationals Park security guard, I’m suddenly not so impressed by Davis’s dainty shove.


Mike Davis

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5. Kenny Perry. It’s awesome that he’s won three straight big tournaments on the Champions Tour, but note to Kenny: stop bragging about your “majors.” These surely are not majors. The 2009 Masters or 1996 PGA Championship — now those are majors.


Kenny Perry

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