Mickelson to bring 2-iron to Congressional

Mickelson to bring 2-iron to Congressional

Phil Mickelson did not say which club would be removed in order to make room for a 2-iron at the U.S. Open.
Michael Cohen/Getty Images

Phil Mickelson loves to swap clubs in and out of his golf bag based on where he’s playing. He won the 2006 Masters using two drivers and the 2008 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial carrying five wedges. Lefty played at the 2009 U.S. Open at Bethpage using a high-bounce prototype hybrid-with Mickelson’s name on the club’s patents!

Phil even tried to win the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines without carrying a driver. True, that experiment didn’t work out so well, but it hasn’t discouraged him from making another equipment adjustment in hopes of winning his country’s national championship.

“I am excited about the three clubs that I’ll use off the tee,” he said during a press conference at the Memorial. “As far as driver, 3-wood, and I have a 2-iron that I feel very confident with off the tee. And so I’m excited to get over there and see how exactly I’m going to attack the golf course.”

Mickelson did not say which club would be removed in order to make room for the 2-iron, which he’s been working with for awhile.

“I’ve had it about six years, but it hadn’t quite worked right until I bent it-tweaked it a little bit,” Mickelson. “Now it feels pretty dialed in. I’ve been experimenting the last few weeks trying to get the right 2-iron that flies about 255 or so off the tee, which is kind of what I’m gunning for. I think this one is dialed in just about right.”

According to Callaway, the club itself is an 18 X Tour Authentic Utility Iron, but Mickelson’s club has been bent to have less loft.

Alan Hocknell, Ph.D., Callaway Golf’s senior vice president of research and development, said Mickelson wanted the club so he could hit lower, more controlled tee shots, but still carry the ball far down the fairway.

With the rough at Congressional expected to be thick, Mickelson will likely keep his prototype hybrid club to stay in the bag. Look for him to pull out his 3-iron in order to make room for the 2-iron.

“I spent some time with [the 2-iron] and I hit it very well [Wednesday],” Mickelson said in Ohio. “So I think it’s going to be the mainstay. It’ll be in for the U.S. Open.”