Michelle Wie, Miguel Jimemez's hair and Matt Kuchar are this week's heroes. Zero? Golf without Tiger Woods

Michelle Wie, Miguel Jimemez’s hair and Matt Kuchar are this week’s heroes. Zero? Golf without Tiger Woods


1. Wiesy. “Get on my level, you can’t get on my level/You gonna need a space shuttle or a ladder that’s forever.”

Michelle Wie

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Michelle Wie at the Lotte Championship.


2. The Spafro. As was made clear in his senior tour debut, Miguel Angel Jimenez’s hair has more personality than most of the actual golfers out there.Miguel Angel Jimemez

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Miguel Angel Jimenez shows off the 'spafro' at the 2014 Masters.


3. Kuuuuuuch. Was this much-needed victory the result of clutch 72nd-hole execution or crazy good luck? Both, actually, but Kuchar’s up-and-down season is illustrative that the best way to win is simply to keep contending and sooner or later a victory is going to fall into your lap.Matt Kuchar

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Matt Kuchar celebrates his win at Harbour Town.


4. Luuuuuke. Yeah, he missed a few chances coming in, but for a guy in the midst of a swing change he held up well under pressure. It’s nice to see the former Number One back in the mix.Luke Donald

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Luke Donald finishing second at Harbour Town.


5. Westy. It was only Malaysia, and he was the highest-ranked player in the field, but let’s forget all that and celebrate the return of our favorite Nearly Man. Almost 41, Westwood is now well positioned for another summer of heartbreak.Lee Westwood

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Lee Westwood at the Malaysian Open.





1. Korean women. For the last decade they’ve been the face of the LPGA but this season the balance of power has shifted: there are currently six Americans in the top 15 of the World Ranking versus three Koreans, and in 2014 tournament victories the score is USA 4 , Korea 0. I’m not hating on Korea, merely pointing out an interesting trend.Na Yeon Choi and Inbee Park

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Na Yeon Choi and Inbee Park at the 2012 Canadian Open.


2. Golf without Tiger. Plunging Masters ratings, doomsday golf.com articles about a $15 billion “correction,” the specter of Patrick Reed being the only guy wearing red on Sunday…Tiger, hurry back!Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods talks about his injured back in Washington, D.C, last month.


3. The victor’s hula dance at Kapolei. If I was leading on Sunday I would intentionally three-putt every green on the back-nine just to avoid that indignity.Michelle Wie

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Michelle Wie performs a hula dance after winning the Lotte Championship.


4. Ben Martin. Nice showing in Hilton Head by the kid, but if you’re fighting for your first Tour win you can’t bogey a par-5 on the back nine, simple as that.Ben Martin

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Ben Martin finished T3 at Harbour Town.


5. 50-year-old dudes with ponytails. I know Miguel Angel. He is a friend of mine. You, sir, are no Miguel Angel, so please don’t try it.Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges, 64, accepts an award from Spike TV.