Michelle Wie Going Back to ‘Smoother, Simple Swing’ She Used as Junior Golfer

March 1, 2016

Michelle Wie hasn’t won since she nabbed the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst, but she’s hoping that channeling her junior golfer swing and attitude will change that.

In an exclusive interview with Ryan Asselta that aired on GOLF Live on Tuesday, the 26-year-old Wie said she needs to keep things simple and find her childhood swing to get her game to where she wants it.

“I definitely have a tendency to try to be perfect,” she said. “I think everyone kind of knows that. I want to be the best. And sometimes, I want to be the best too hard. So I end up over-analyzing things, over-thinking things. The game is simple. I think [we] just make it very difficult.

“[Swing coach David Leadbetter and I] went with a couple of swing changes this off-season. Going back to the flow-ier, smoother, simple swing that I used to have as a junior golfer that I want to go back to. So it’s been feeling great. And just kind of keeping things simple for this year.”

Wie said the process has been “tough,” adding that her body couldn’t handle the swing that led her to her lone major win, the 2014 U.S. Open.

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“Your body’s telling you to do something different, and I’m just going back to the more natural [swing],” she said. “We looked back at film when I was 14, 15. You know, back when I played in the Sony Open. And I’m just trying to get back into that smooth, flowing swing. And also that mentality of a kid. When you just go out there and you grip it and rip it. You don’t really think about much. That’s what I’m really trying to get back to.”

Wie also discussed her decision to go gluten free, swimming with sharks and if she ever wants to play in another PGA Tour event. You can check out the entire Q and A here.