Meet Bailey Mosier, the New Face of Golf Channel’s Morning Drive

January 18, 2015

Bailey Mosier, the new face of ‘Morning Drive,’ Golf Channel’s flagship program, sounds off on her first few days on set, rookie hazing and the state of her golf game.

How have your first few days at Morning Drive been?

Exciting! I mean, I was really nervous for the first morning, and then I got out there on the set, and it was really nice that I already new Damon [Hack] and Lauren [Thompson] and Paige [Mackenzie] and Chris [DiMarco] and had a rapport with them, so once I was actually on the set, within 10 minutes of going live, I really didn’t feel nervous at all. So, surprisingly, it was not as intimidating as I would have thought. And everyone had really positive feedback, which is super nice and amazing that everyone’s reached out and been so happy for me.

You have a great cast of characters on the show, and there seems to be a lot of good-natured ribbing that goes on. Has there been any rookie hazing that you wish to report?

[Laughs] I was expecting it, and I did not get it. So I am thrilled about that. I was prepared, and I thought it was coming, but it hasn’t yet.

You’re new to Morning Drive, but you’ve been with Golf Channel for quite some time as an editor on the website. How would you say your day-to-day working life has changed, and what’s it going to look like going forward?

I’m actually doing everything that I did last year in addition to appearing on Morning Drive. So I’m still editing and writing for the website on certain days, and I’m still doing “Grill Room” and “Big Breakdown,” but I’m hoping that as the year goes on, and as I get more comfortable and better, that my duties will narrow to really only focus on on-air stuff. So, hopefully that day is coming, but right now I’m still juggling everything.

As the newest cast member, what do you think you bring to the show? Where does your personality fit in?

That’s a good question. I think I’m kind of a 50/50 split of serious and fun. I’m writing everything that I’m saying myself, and they’ve already said that they love my writing, and they love that it’s fun, and it’s loose, and it’s kind of quirky. But I can be serious too, so I don’t know what role I actually fill. Maybe it’s still evolving, and we’ll have to ask other people how they would characterize me.

You played four years of college golf at Old Dominion, you were team captain, and you still play. How’s your game at the moment?

A couple of months ago I shot 75. That’s not normal, but it happened! So, you know, I can do that. I play maybe a couple times a month. I don’t practice. I’m not a ball beater. It’s not my thing. I can still break 80 every once in a while, which is fun enough. I still love to play.

If your social media channels are any indication, you seem to have an affinity for puns. Where does that come from?

Having worked at Golf Channel writing headlines for four years, it’s really what kind of started that, and the more I did it, and the better I got, the more I fell in love with it. And, you know, people compliment me on that, and it encourages me to be as punny and clever as I can. So it’s a snowball effect. A lot of them are on the spot, but any time I read or see something, and I think, “Ooh, that’s funny or clever,” I store it away.

What’s the best part about hosting a morning show on Golf Channel?

Morning Drive is really cool because it’s kind of the premiere show on Golf Channel, and it’s the show that a lot of resources are put into, and we really want to make it a destination show for players. It’s just fun to be a part of what everyone’s talking about. The whole golf world watches the show, and that’s where [the players] want to be. As much as we’re excited to have them on, they are equally as excited to be here with us.

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