Matt Kuchar Says Phil Mickelson Brags About Majors With Tiger Not Around

Matt Kuchar is the resident prankster and ping-pong ace in the American Ryder Cup team room.
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The U.S. team will miss Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup this week in Scotland. They’ll miss Woods’ toughness and his competitive fire, and they might also miss his ability to silence Phil Mickelson’s trash-talking in the team room.

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Matt Kuchar talked about the different dynamic at the Ryder Cup this year without Woods in his press conference on Wednesday. An practical joker, Kuchar was asked about the best pranks he ever pulled on Woods. He declined to answer, but talked about how the Gleneagles team room has a new top dog while Woods’ heals his ailing back.

Tiger was asked last week what he would not miss about The Ryder Cup and the only thing he said was your jokes and your pranks. Can you give us an example?
MATT KUCHAR: I actually think he will miss those [laughter]. I think that's what he'll miss most [laughing]. Hard to give you examples. It's just I think he's a guy that likes to stick it to people, and most people have a tough time kind of giving it back. I think the greatest thing I witnessed is when Phil Mickelson throws down the ultimate gauntlet when he doesn't have a comeback to whatever you've said, he just says, well, I've won so many majors, suck on that [laughter]. He can only say that if Tiger's not around. He kind of has to look over both shoulders and make sure because then Tiger gives him his number [laughter]. So I do find that to be a fun one going back and forth.

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