Tiger Woods Commitment Jumps Masters Ticket Prices

April 3, 2015

Tiger Woods has committed to the Masters, and now the dominoes begin to fall. Just after Tiger’s announcement,, the price of renting a weekly badge on Stubhub was nearly $1,200 higher than it was early Friday morning.

As of noon ET Thursday, the rental price for a weekly badge via Stubhub was $9,365.25, which then dropped a small percentage Friday morning. Then just minutes after Woods committed to playing the 2015 event, the price for a badge was about 12.5 percent higher at $10,535.25. 

That’s right; Week-long access is more than twice as costly than the reported price ($4,512) for a semester of in-state tuition at nearby Augusta State University. For just a Thursday-Sunday badge, the price sits at $6,245.

Other various packages are currently priced as follows:

Saturday & Sunday: $3,350
Sunday: $1,521.57
Saturday: $1,353
Thursday & Friday: $3,995
Friday: $1,590
Thursday: $1,770
Wednesday: $916.54
Tuesday: $522.39
Monday: $389.33

2015 weekly badge has now reached five figures, which rivals the 2013 price, which also floated north of $10,000 after Woods won multiple tournaments before the first major of the year. Prices dropped 31 percent in 2014 once Woods announced he would not be competing due to a back injury.

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