This week's heroes? The Kayminator and Pinehurst No. 2. Zeros? The Donald's taste and The Donald's hair

This week’s heroes? The Kayminator and Pinehurst No. 2. Zeros? The Donald’s taste and The Donald’s hair


1. The Kayminator. Don’t forget, many of Tiger’s signature wins were boring, too.


Martin Kaymer

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2. The Open double-dip. How cool was it to have LPGA players floating around on Open Sunday? That alone made the experiment a homerun. And now we still get to enjoy the most anticipated Women’s Open ever.


Michelle Wie

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3. Rickie. He never generated any momentum on Sunday, but this still represents a huge step forward for Fowler. But before we pronounce him a legitimate threat at the majors, it’s time for him to collect his, ahem, second win.


Rickie Fowler

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4. No. 2. It was once again a fascinating test, but the lasting legacy of this Open will be Pinehurst’s firm, fast, brown-around-the-edges setup, offering American golfers a new, water-conscious template of what their course can and should be.


Pinehurst No. 2

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5. Erik Compton. The guy is all heart.


Erik Compton

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1. The Donald. I guess it’s no surprise this maven of conspicuous consumption didn’t “get” Pinehurst — the only thing more artificially manicured than his golf courses is his hair.


Donald Trump

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2. Bubba. I understand the U.S. Open isn’t quite his cup of tea, but Watson needs to at least pretend like he’s trying a little harder.


Bubba Watson

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3. Michael Campbell. In all of last week’s endless tributes to Payne Stewart, you’d barely have known that Campbell won the 2005 Open. But he did. Ask Tiger Woods.


Michael Campbell

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4. Sandra Gal. C’mon girl, if you’re gonna bumrush the final green to douse your countryman in celebration, you gotta be packing more than half a bottle of water.


Sandra Gal

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5. Tiger. You know who would have absolutely loved the setup at Pinehurst? The guy who should’ve won there in ‘99. And 2005.


Tiger Woods

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