Man Rides 350 Pound Gator During Florida Tournament

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Who needs a cart?

In today’s edition of things you probably shouldn’t do on a golf course…

Donnie Kuhlman, head professional at Fore Seasons Golf¬†(@therealroymcavoy), submitted this photo of him perched on a 350-lb alligator to’s #PGA365 gallery.

According to Kuhlman, the resident reptile’s name is “Spike,” and his mouth was taped shut with¬†handlers nearby.

Standard golf tournament pic. This is “Spike”, the 350 lb dinosaur. Pretty cool, but pretty scary. #alligator #lovefl #pga365 #pgatourdaily #whyilovethisgame #gatoredcommunity

A photo posted by Donnie Kuhlman (@therealroymcavoy) on

“Standard golf tournament pic,” the caption reads. “Pretty cool, but pretty scary.”

Yep, good thing you didn’t need to take a mulligan on that shot, Donnie.

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