Loud and Proud: Christina Kim

Loud and Proud: Christina Kim

Christina Kim has played on two victorious Solheim Cup squads.
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You're very outspoken on Twitter, such as your criticisms of Bubba Watson last year. What Tweet do you most regret sending?
I don't regret that one bit. You can only play the Bubba game so much. If you're going to be ignorant, send back your Mercedes, the $500,000 watch and the True Religion jeans, and put on some Wranglers, a flannel shirt and put some wheat between your teeth. You can't have it all.

If Tiger asked your advice on how to improve his Twitter skills, what would you tell him?
To tweet. [Laughs] That's my only advice.

If your caddie used the racially insensitive remark Steve Williams said last November about Tiger, would you fire him?
I would have thrown him to the curb and not thought twice about it. I like to believe that even with my antics I try to help promote the game. Childish stuff like that doesn't help the game.

Speaking of antics, Dottie Pepper has accused you of being "disrespectful" of the game and acting like a diva. What do you say to that?
Pot, kettle, black. She made me cry my rookie year. We were at DuPont C.C. in Wilmington, Delaware, and she was, to use her word, very disrespectful of the game, throwing tantrums. She was basically saying to us, Don't blink when I'm putting. I don't know if I had a booger in my nose that was whistling, but she saw and heard everything I did.

You had some ups and downs (mostly downs) at last year's Solheim Cup. How does that pressure compare with the LPGA majors?
I'd say it's like game seven of the Stanley Cup finals or the World Series, or the Super Bowl.

What kind of gamesmanship did opponents pull on you in your first Solheim Cup (in 2005)?
I had a putt about 20 feet and the opposing player had a putt on a very similar line from 12 feet. I missed and she made it, and she came up to me after and said, "Hey, thanks for the read." The tone she used, I about blew a fuse. It was things like that, like them looking at your ball in the fairway as they walk by and then looking back at you. Like, Jesus, what are we, 12? It was Annika. I was a little shocked that a Hall of Famer would behave like that, but that's the Solheim Cup.

Are you in a good place for 2012?
I'm in a great place right now. I hope to take the momentum that I had toward the end of last season into this season. I had my maiden victory on the Ladies European Tour [the Sicilian Ladies Open in October], which some people might scoff at, as maybe not as competitive as the LPGA. They're very different, but they're both very competitive.

What's stopped you from winning more?
Little things, like being 250 instead of 255 off the tee, which maybe puts me in between clubs. Or if you're 30 feet for birdie seven times a round it's not realistic to think you're going to make more than one or two of them. Everything needs to be tightened up a bit more.

You and five-time LPGA major-winner Yani Tseng are strolling through a mall in Minnesota together. Who gets more autograph requests?
I would definitely think Yani would. I mean, who the hell am I? I'm just some loud chick who plays golf. I haven't backed up my talk yet, and she's brought it. I'd like to believe people know who she is, because she's a badass chick.

Ever get hit on by LPGA groupies?
On occasion. It's been a lot less from my first year to my ninth year. I don't know how I should feel about that.

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