Letter from the president of Westchester Country Club

Dear Editor:

Your article, “Behind the Scenes Look at PGA Tour’s Split with Westchester Country Club,” misses an important fact: Westchester Country Club wants the Barclays back and hopes the tournament returns as planned at least once before 2012. Westchester Country Club has always been supportive of rotating the tournament around the metropolitan New York area, and in fact agreed to that concept in the contract we signed last year with the Tour. We may have been disappointed with the way things were handled regarding the 2008 tournament, but we would be thrilled to again play host to the Barclays as our contract anticipates, and going forward for years to come. Undoubtedly, many of the Tour’s issues can be resolved to each side’s mutual satisfaction. I know I speak for the vast majority of our membership when I say the Barclays is a great event, and we look forward to its return to Westchester.

Very truly yours, Philip M. Halpern, President, WESTCHESTER COUNTRY CLUB, INC.