Lee Trevino career achievements and major championship wins

Lee Trevino career achievements and major championship wins


Raised in a three-room shack without plumbing or a father, Lee Trevino overcame more than anyone to become a golfing great. He began working at 5 and taught himself to play on the course near his home, and built on that experience as a caddie and driving range hand. When he finally made it to the PGA Tour, he won 29 events, including six majors, and then added another 29 wins on the senior tour. His crowning moment was winning an 18-hole playoff over Jack Nicklaus at the 1971 U.S. Open at Merion, a round of golf the Merry Mex began by pulling a rubber snake from his bag and flinging it at Nicklaus.

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Cameron Morfit interviewed Trevino in March 2006 for Golf Magazine

Lee Trevino’s Major Championships

1968 U.S. Open: Eyes Right…but Wrong, By Dan Jenkins

1971 U.S. Open: Remember The Battle Of Merion, By Dan Jenkins

1971 British Open: Now For The Mexican Open, By Dan Jenkins

1972 British Open: Slamming The Door On Jack, By Dan Jenkins

1974 PGA Championship: He Left Them Laughing, By Dan Jenkins

1984 PGA Championship: It’s An Old Man’s Game After All, By Barry McDermott

More video of Lee Trevino from the SI Vault–>

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