Keegan Bradley recalls life in a trailer park

August 6, 2012

In an interview in the August issue of Golf Magazine, Keegan Bradley opens up about his humble childhood and his stint living in a Massachusetts trailer park with his father, Mark.

“It was like something out of a movie. My dad is 6’4”, he’s taller than me, and we were living in this trailer with bunk beds," Bradley told Golf Magazine. "He slept on the bottom bunk. I slept on the kitchen table—the table folded down and had cushions; that was my bed.”

Bradley, who became an overnight star when he won the 2011 PGA Championship as a rookie, followed an unlikely path to the PGA Tour. He was born in Vermont, where he was a competitive junior skier and golfer. When his parents separated, Bradley followed his father, a club professional, from Vermont to Massachusetts, where they lived for several months in Crystal Springs Trailer Park in Hopkinton.

Bradley said he remembers those days as “one of the most fun times in his life,” and he credits his modest beginnings with giving him perspective on his success on Tour.

“My mom gets very sad when I talk about it, because she thinks it makes it sound like I had a bad childhood. So for a while I stopped talking about it. But I really had an unbelievable childhood,” Bradley told Golf Magazine. “I’m actually, in a weird way, proud of those days. I try to tell her, ‘Mom, it’s a cool story. The story of me growing up in Vermont and skiing, people don’t care about that. It’s the trailer park that people want to hear about.' ”

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