Jordan Spieth Wrote a Touching Message to His Family in His Yearbook

September 12, 2015

Two weeks ago, a creepy Tiger Woods statue was listed on Craigslist, but this week it’s a Jordan Spieth yearbook on eBay that golf fans can bid on.

A yearbook from Spieth’s graduating Class of 2011 from Jesuit College Prep School in Dallas is listed for $299.95. Not sure how many people will bid for that price, but it’s worth looking at a touching personal message Spieth wrote to his parents and siblings in the book, which is shown on the eBay listing. Check it out:

“Mom, thanks for everything you have done for me at Jesuit, especially telling me every night to go back and do my homework. I always told you I hated when you did that but the truth is I needed it. Dad, thank you for all your support and guidance with not only my golf, but also handling pretty much every situation I have ever been presented with. I know we had ups and downs, but I am blessed to have y’all as my parents and I love you so much. Steven, keep doing what you are doing. I love you, bro. Ellie, I know every day presents its fair share of struggles, but the fight that you show everyday inspires everyone who knows you. Spending each Wednesday with you this year has been a blessing and I love you. The Jesuit golf team and Coach Marino, I’ll never forget the practices, putt putt games, and trips (esp. California) that have created friendships for life. Blaine, you’ve been a great friend since we met in biology freshman year, and I’m looking forward to Austin. To Jesuit, it has been the best 4 years of my life and there is no other place I would have rather spent it.”

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