John Daly’s Ex-Wife Sherrie Miller Wanted For Extortion, Harassment

September 8, 2015

John Daly’s ex-wife Sherrie Miller is in trouble again, this time for extortion and harassment charges. The Shelby County Sherriff’s office, in southeast Tennessee, has issued a warrant for her arrest and is trying to track her down, according to WHBQ-TV in Memphis

Trouble with the law is nothing new for Miller. It was in 2004 that, during her marriage with Daly, Miller and her parents were indicted for money laundering involved with a drug ring and illegal gambling. She would plead guilty and receive five years of probation before eventually withdrawing her plea.

Just six months later another charge arrived, this time for structuring transactions to evade reporting requirements, and Miller again pled guilty. In 2006, she would serve five months in prison.

Miller was Daly’s fourth wife. They married in 2001 and split in 2007 before divorcing in 2010. That wasn’t the last time they would be linked, though. Earlier this year, Miller filed a lawsuit against Daly’s current fiancée, Anna Cladakis, on the grounds of “alienation of affection,” claiming she was the reason why the Daly and Miller’s marriage ended. When Cladakis requested dismissal of the lawsuit this spring, the U.S. Supreme Court denied the request.

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