J.B. Holmes Is Smoking His Drives

J.B. Holmes Is Smoking His Drives

Yeah, I still live at home in Kentucky. Everything has happened so fast. In December I got my Tour card, and the Tour starts up in January, so I didn’t see any sense in getting a place. When you get a week off, you want to go home and see your friends. You don’t want to go where you don’t know anybody. I’ll probably move somewhere this fall to practice in the winter. I might go to Arizona or Florida.

I’ve always liked pressure. I’ve always liked it in any sport. In basketball, if it’s a last-second shot, I want to take it.

I was smart enough to get around being dyslexic. They knew I was a slow reader but they didn’t know how slow. The teacher would say to read these five pages, and when she started talking I’d shut my book whether I was done or not. So everybody thought I was done. I wasn’t. But if she called on me, I’d hope she called on me early so it would be about the pages I read. That’s why I’d raise my hand and try to answer the early questions.

After my junior year in high school I saw a teacher who helped dyslexic kids, went for a week and my reading got better. When I got to the University of Kentucky, I couldn’t get the stuff done in the 50-minute time period but I got time and a half to do the tests. I’m about a semester and a half short of a degree. I’ll probably go back and get it sometime.

I started as a freshman on the varsity basketball team in high school, at shooting guard, but there’s no future for a 5’11” white guy who can’t jump. I’m good at horse, though.

Our high school golf team, when we got done playing, we’d wrestle. We had some good matches. A couple of guys got hurt, bloody noses. Coach didn’t like that. Sometimes we’d gang up on a guy or have two-man teams. Who was the best? I was.

I didn’t know who porn star John Holmes was but I figured it out quick when I was in the third grade and playing high school golf. I got tired of all the stuff — I heard it my whole life. My agent had a friend who’s good friends with Gary McCord, so he set it up for me to play with him in Scottsdale. We played Whisper Rock, his club. On the eighth or ninth hole he said, “I’m just going to call you J.B.”

I’ve cracked a few drivers and caved in a 3-wood, but my swing is a quick swing, not really a hard swing. I can get it up to 135 mph if I want to. It’s only gotten out of whack once in eight years. All that changes is my alignment.

I know there are supposed to be a lot of distractions in the gallery at the FBR, but honestly I didn’t notice any [when he won in February]. I just focused on playing golf. My dad followed me for 16 holes that last day and I never saw him until 18.

You don’t win a tournament by seven shots without having a short game.

I like sandwiches. I eat a lot of sandwiches. Italian, Mexican, steak — I like all of it. I could learn to cook, but for now I microwave my ravioli.

I live about a mile from a lake. You can take a fourwheeler to it. We had three or four ATVs at one time. I fish with spinners.

I’ve played Winged Foot. Luke List beat me in the U.S. Amateur there. I finished in the top 16. Winged Foot and Pebble were the only Tour courses I’d played before this year.

Once you get out here on Tour, days and weeks run together and you lose track of time. Sometimes you wake up and think, Where am I?

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