Jamie Donaldson Suffers Injury in Chainsaw Accident

January 18, 2016

Another golfer has lost a fight with a chainsaw, only this time it’s not a retired golfer, but Jamie Donaldson, who is just beginning his 2016 season.

Donaldson tweeted out a gruesome photo of his left hand early Monday morning from the United Kingdom. It wasn’t long before some of his American fans woke up to a nasty photo in their timelines.

Nonetheless, Donaldson seemed unfazed, writing, “C u in Dubai,” making it seem like the accident won’t delay his play all too much. With more than one golfer as subject to chainsaw accidents over the last few years (Greg Norman) it might be time for any other pros considering wrangling with a chainsaw to look into hiring a professional tree removal service.

Below is the grisly photo.