Ian Poulter: The Hair Apparent

Ian Poulter: The Hair Apparent

I am vain, I like o take care of myself. I don't have my teeth whitened or my chest shaved, but I want to look good. I like to work out, throw in a bit of hair dye. I sit in the barborshop a bit longer than most men–about an hour and 20 minutes.

I don't think I'm underrated. I have six wins in five years. I played in the Ryder Cup. People recognize me because I've worn some outlandish stuff, but they know I can play.

I like to spend money. I'm buying a new $3 million house. It's large: four-and-a-half acres. I'll have a practice ground, an indoor putting green, a gym, so I can do all my work at home. I have a red Ferrari, which I bought in 2003. It cost about $170,000. I just bought a tungsten silver Aston-Martin DB9 with white leather. It's a paddle-shift, with the F1 gearbox. Brand spanking new.

The outfit I'm wearing [not pictured] is pretty expensive. The belt's Italian, $200–I bought it in Rome. he trousers are William Hunt, that's $400. The shoes are Adidas, $90. So is the shirt–whatever an Adidas shirt costs. The necklace is a plain white gold. The watch is Tag Heuer–$6,000. The ring, from Dubai, is white gold with six-and-a-half carat diamonds, 22 of them.

To clear this up once and for all, I didn't hand out tees inscribed with the Ryder Cup score. Dave Musgrove, who caddies for Sandy Lyle, handed me this box of tees with the score, 18½ to 9½, and that was it. The rumor got round that I sent out boxes of tees to be handed to the Americans the next week, and that's absolute crap. I would never do that. It's disrespectful and ridiculous.

The Union Jack slacks I wore at the [2004] British Open were sold for charity. They raised $10,000, which is brilliant–for Yorkville Children's Hospital in Scotland.

Groom Service
Some style counsel from golf's Locks Mess Monster
Hair I use a mousse from Fudge, ou'll find it any decent salon. It makes your hair go vertical. Just smear it in and say, "Presto!" (Fudge Hair Shaper, {C}fudge.com{C}
Colors To look smart, you have to match. You can't have navy trousers, black belt and beige shoes. Black and blue don't go well together. Or red and green. And the belt should match the hat and shoes.
Headwear I like the [Scottish driving cap] Hogan and Payne Stewart wore. But normally, it's a visor, because of the hair. You've got to show off the hair.

One fan actually asked me for the trousers during the Open, while I was wearing them. "Sure, let me just take them off for you right now."

I'm not big, but I'm strong. If I were in a celebrity boxing match, I'd hold my own with a lot of the guys, but I wouldn't want to take on Vijay. He's seriously strong. Or Ernie Els. And Darren Clarke would hurt you.

The cologne I'm wearing? Givenchy. I bought it at Heathrow on the way over here. It comes in a blue bottle—. Not too bad. I'm a sucker for fragrances. I have lots of them at home. You've got to look good and smell good.

I define success as winning, plain and simple. Finishing second is not good enough.

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