I Told You So

Remember I said I wouldn’t be one to say, “I told you so?” Well, I lied. I told you so!

The ’97 Ryder Cup is history, and as usual it was a mind-bender. It’s incredible how it always seems to go down to the wire. Although the Europeans were victorious, the event had, as always, its heroes on both sides, including the two captains. On one hand, Kite who was so gracious in defeat, and on the other, Seve, who somehow resisted the urge to snatch a club away from someone and hit the shot for them.

Against all odds, nothing bad happened, although it appeared that Seve had been cloned at one stage. How could he be following three matches at once?

Hats off to Monty for giving a precious 1/2 point to Scott Hoch, albeit prompted by Seve, for this ensured that the Ryder Cup ended in the spirit in which it was intended to be played.

I’m not looking forward to the inevitable Tiger-bashing over the next few weeks. Many will point the finger of blame in his direction, but if one man can’t win the Ryder Cup, then one man can’t lose it either, and consider this…no-one has ever gone into their first Ryder Cup carrying the weight of expectation that Tiger did last week. Every other rookie had someone to look up to, but Tiger had only himself.

Now, I can’t quite get my head around this one, but I think it would be pretty hard to look up to yourself, unless you had a flashlight and a mirror.

You certainly couldn’t play golf at the same time.