How Jordan Spieth Helped Inspire Byron Nelson Documentary

March 30, 2016

Jordan Spieth had the richest season in golf history, won two majors, is a future Olympian and apparently can add “Helping to inspire documentaries about golf icons” to his list of accomplishments.

It was a note from Spieth to Byron Nelson’s widow, Peggy, that said “I’m trying to live my life like my role model Byron Nelson” that helped inspire Drew Allen to make a documentary about Lord Byron. 

Allen happens to be Nelson’s third cousin. 

“When Peggy told me that story I realized the importance of Byron’s influence,” Allen said in a press release “I just sat and thought about how far reaching his impact was, even after he was gone, and I want to make sure that future generations will also be inspired by his life.” 

Coincidently, Allen and Spieth also share some history: both are Jesuit Dallas alumni.