Hot this week? Yani, Sergio and Rory. Not? Donald and Olympic golf

Hot this week? Yani, Sergio and Rory. Not? Donald and Olympic golf

Rory McIlroy earned his first win since the U.S. Open.
Aly Song/Reuters

1. Yani. To put her 11 wins this year in perspective: in 2000, when Tiger Woods enjoyed the greatest season in golf history, he won 10 times.


2. Sergio. A second-straight win on the Euro tour is a big deal. We can now upgrade him from cute comeback story to legit contendah.

3. Asia. This time of year it's the only place that matters. Someday soon that continent will own a much bigger piece of the golf calendar.

4. Rory. Yeah, the Shanghai Masters was a mostly meaningless exhibition, but the kid badly needed another victory, and he showed some admirable grit in getting it done. A strong finish to the year is just what he (and golf) needs.

5. AK. With back-to-back near-misses he's playing his best golf in a year and a half. The Dom's on me.

1. Mark Lye. I enjoyed the Golf Channel’s attempts to incorporate more social media into its Nationwide telecast, but it sure would help if the key guy in the booth had a freakin' clue what Twitter is. #MissedOpportunity

2. Luke. He's everybody's player of the year…except for the one that really counts: Golf Magazine.

3. Yani's PGA Tour ambitions. She's now making noise about wanting to tee it up against the boys. Been there, done that, and it's not particularly interesting. Making history on your own tour is more than enough, girlfriend.

4. James Nitties. He finished 26th on the Nationwide money list, earning a card to golf purgatory.

5. Olympic golf. Word is the LPGA is planning an "Olympic-style" tourney, with four-woman teams from eight nations. Sounds awesome! And it's a reminder of how utterly milquetoast the real Olympic golf is going to be: a 72-hole, stroke-play event, just like we see every week. Yawn.