Hot this week? Rocco, Recari and Rickie. Not hot? Van Pelt, Lincicome, NorCal fans

Rocco Mediate earned his first PGA Tour win since 2002.
Robert Laberge/Getty Images

1. Rocco. This doesn’t quite make up for losing the 2008 U.S. Open but with his thrilling Fall Series win Mediate proved there’s still some magic left in that old, battered body.

2. Beatriz Recari. The rookie from Spain earned her first LPGA victory, to the delight of all golf fans … particularly male golf fans.

3. Paddy. Yes, the field was weaker than press room coffee, but his win in Malaysia ended a two-year drought and sets up Harrington for a big ’11. Or so we’d like to think.

4. Rickie. Last year, when he was unknown, the gave him a sponsor’s exemption, and Fowler’s strong play helped launch his career. Now he’s big-time but Rickie showed an admirable loyalty by returning to the Fry’s to support the tourney. Bonus points for a top-5 finish.

5. Jason Gore. Big man, soft hands, big heart, long road.


1. Brittany Lincicome. Yes, it’s supposedly hard to follow-up a 61, but going +2 over the ensuing three rounds was pretty lame. But that’s our Brit: awesomely talented, occasionally infuriating, but never boring.

2. Bo Van Pelt. He’s now 15th on this year’s money list with $3.3 million but still hasn’t won a tournament in 2010. I don’t begrudge a man a good living, but at some point dude has to get a W, no?

3. The LPGA schedule. The tour has some nice momentum coming off of a pair of rousing domestic events but now begins the black hole of its Asian swing, disappearing from U.S. television and, sadly, the thoughts of golf fans everywhere.

4. NorCal golf fans. Playing within 50 miles of each other, both the PGA and LPGA tour drew sparse crowds, to put it politely. C’mon people, I don’t care if the Giants are in the playoffs and the 49ers were playing the Raiders, we gotta do better than this.

5. Early Retirees In the coming weeks Annika Sorenstam will play in the Pebble Beach Invitational and Lorena Ochoa at her eponymous LPGA invitational. Why do they have to tease us like this?