Hot this week? Pavin, Day and Open qualifiers. Not? Donald, Pettersen and Els

Hot this week? Pavin, Day and Open qualifiers. Not? Donald, Pettersen and Els

Corey Pavin did not promise Tiger Woods a spot on the U.S. Ryder Cup team this week.
Mike Ehrmann/SI

1. Corey Pavin. The gritty little Bruin just put Tiger Woods on notice that he’s not guaranteed a spot on the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Finally Captain Pavin shows a little edge. Now all he needs to do is get around to reading Cracking The Code.

2. Memphis. How stoked is this tourney that it gave Jordan Spieth a sponsor’s invite weeks ago?

3. Jason Day. The next big thing at 19, a bust at 21, now a young comer at 22. It’s nice to see him make it … and a reminder to the rest of us to have a little more patience.

4. Qualifying. I love the meritocracy that is golf — shoot good enough scores and even the lowliest scrub can play his (or her) way into both Opens. And to think that the likes of Vince Carter gets a multi-year, gazillion dollar guaranteed contract.

5. Brian Gay. With a closing 63 he got a backdoor second place at the Nelson and seems to be finding his game at just the right time. I think Gay is going to win a U.S. Open someday. Maybe even this year.

1. Luke Donald. With a chance to win the Euro tour’s signature event, the perennially underachieving Englishman double-bogeyed the 71st hole, dooming him to a very lucrative second place finish. Somewhere across the pond a sportswriter is typing the words “Luke Donald Disease.”

2. Hogan Fetishists. They’re already boorish, but during Colonial week the rest of us are subjected to even more hagiography and dewy-eyed remembrances. And yet he wasn’t even the best golfer from Ft. Worth — Byron Nelson was.

3. Suzann Pettersen. She has become the 90’s Phil, a tremendous talent who mystifies more often than she dazzles.

4. Ernie Els. The part-time architect ripped those who ripped his Wentworth redo, then blamed it all on the owner and vowed to change all the things the other players were complaining about. Els should stick to something he knows about. Like making wine.

5. Carolyn Bivens. This is the week when the Corning Classic was always played. The dark week on the LPGA schedule is testament to the former commissioner’s enduring legacy.

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