Hot? Seminole, Sabbatini and Yang. Not? Weir, Kelly and 'The Bear Trap'

Hot? Seminole, Sabbatini and Yang. Not? Weir, Kelly and ‘The Bear Trap’

Rickie Fowler played with former Walker Cup captain Buddy Marucci at the exclusive Seminole pro-member tournament on Monday.
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images


1. Seminole. The annual pro-member tourney is one of the coolest days in golf. For a very select few.

2. Doral. The biggest tourney so far in what’s been a wide-open year should help us begin handicapping the one event that really matters: the Masters. Which, in case you haven’t noticed, is only four weeks away.

3. Sabbo. Can’t say I love the hat, but everything else about Sabbatini was impressive in his victory at the Honda. His new, mellow demeanor may help Rory win more but, selfishly, I hope he still has some of the old scrappiness. It made for great copy.

4. Y.E. Yang. It’s great to see the Tiger-slayer playing well again. Is there a more likeable character in the game?

5. LPGA Titleholders. The tour’s season-ender just signed up a sponsor to a three-year deal. For the cash-strapped LPGA this is a huge development.


1. Mike Weir. The scappy overachiever won a Masters and turned himself into one of the best players in the game. Then he decided to “fix” his swing. A wind-blown 85 at the Honda Classic was grim evidence of how lost he is.

2. 'The Bear Trap'. If I never hear those words again it will be too soon.

3. Tiger and Phil. Their shoot-out at Doral in 2005 may be the most exciting tournament this century. Now they’re limping back into town, collectively generating less buzz than they ever have. Do these aging warriors have one last stand in ’em? Here’s hoping.

4. Jerry Kelly. Next time let the photographer do his job and climb the damn tree.

5. The Puerto Rico Open. Did you know there’s another Tour event going on this week? Me neither.