Hot List: Jim Furyk, Arnold Palmer and LPGA lead the way

Hot List: Jim Furyk, Arnold Palmer and LPGA lead the way


1. Jim Furyk. He has four top-10s at Augusta, and suddenly the putter is working again. One more major takes him from ultimate overachiever to Hall of Fame candidate.

2. The King. It’s nice that we have Bay Hill as an annual reminder to celebrate a national treasure.

3. The LPGA. The tour is finally stateside, and at La Costa, no less. Wiesy’s new pact with McDonald’s is only one indicator that people are paying attention.

4. K.J. Choi. The patriarch of Korean golf busted out of a long slump with a strong showing at the Transitions. Hopefully the amiable Tank has one more big run in him.

5. Rhys Davies. Love his work in “The Tudors.” And he and Scarlett were pretty hot together in “Match Point.” What? You say this is the guy who went 25 under to win the Euro tour event in Morocco? Not bad. But I’d still rather get paid to make out with Scarlett.

1. Tiger’s people. Five minutes to discuss a scandal with endless subplots? Only one hour notice that the interviews would be broadcast? Simultaneously? And on a Sunday night, thus stealing the thunder from that week’s Tour event? Jeez, could they have possibly concocted a more irritating setup?

2. Tavistock Cup. This celebration of conspicuous consumption is nothing less than nauseating. Kudos to Tiger for decamping to Augusta National.

3. Ari Fleischer. He was the mouthpiece for two wars but apparently can’t handle the Tiger blowback. Thanks for the cameo, Ari!

4. Paula Creamer. The LPGA’s most brittle starlet is out this week with her latest malady, a banged-up thumb. I still love her potential, but Creamer has to stay healthy long enough to realize it.

5. Bubba Watson. He’s getting closer, but it’s time to close the deal. On Sunday at the Transitions he played the first 11 holes in -4 to put himself in contention for a long-awaited first victory. Then he went +1 over the last 7, skidding to third. And yet another bloated paycheck.