Hot? Clark, Manassero and Jack. Not? Westwood, the Players and Tiger

Hot? Clark, Manassero and Jack. Not? Westwood, the Players and Tiger

Hank Haney first began working with Tiger Woods in 2004.
Robert Beck/SI


1. Tiger Woods. His neck injury will give him a chance to step away from the game for a while to regroup, and with Hank Haney now out of the picture hopefully he can relocate the more natural, repeatable swing of his youth.

2. Tim Clark. Did you know that he has a congenital disorder that prevents him from turning his palms skyward? Golf would seem an unlikely profession for such a person, but Clark’s success is a testament to his grit and perseverance.

3. The LPGA. The season begins in earnest this week, kicking off a flurry of televised (!) domestic events in the new the post-Lorena era. Now all the LPGA needs is for some of the young, telegenic Americans to start winning.

4. Matteo Manassero. “The Italian Seve” made his pro debut last week, adding another thrilling teen to a game that continues to get younger and more dynamic. Can you imagine how old and unhip Paul Goydos must feel?

5. Jack. He got a commitment from the game’s most popular player — Phil Mickelson — to play in the Memorial despite Lefty’s misgivings about past course setups. Guess the Olden Bear still has some juice.


1. Tiger Woods. Sheesh, how much bad news can this guy take before he snaps?

2. Hank Haney. Only two people know the real reasons for the split, but the timing sure makes it look Haney is abandoning a sinking ship.

3. The Players. I like Tim Clark, but he’s yet another recent random winner at what is supposed to be a tournament for the best of the best. Something about this quirky course seems to stymie so many top players.

4. Win McMurray. Hey, slip happens.

5. Lee Westwood. I still can’t believe he dunked it in the water at 17.