This week's heroes? Zach, Lydia and The Mechanic. Zeros? Tiger and Simon 'Spike Mark' Dyson

This week’s heroes? Zach, Lydia and The Mechanic. Zeros? Tiger and Simon ‘Spike Mark’ Dyson


1. Zach. The guy needs a wheelbarrow to lug around his oversized, uh, courage.

2. Miguel Angel Jimenez. I’m guessing this character will still be winning tournaments a decade from now. I mean, when your training regimen is wine, women and song, what can go wrong?

3. Lydia Ko. I was afraid she was going to be a bust as a pro — after all, she failed to win her first tournament. But with a victory in her second, I guess we can declare she’s not over-the-hill. Yet.

4. Thomas Bjorn. All he did at Sun City was make two eagles on the final nine holes to win the biggest check ($1.25 million) of his career. Afterward, Bjorn offered one of the week’s loveliest tributes to Nelson Mandela: "I think to the whole world, he was just an inspiration to human beings. He was a great man. To see what one man can do, it's an inspiration to all of us. If we all just did a bit more, this world would be a better place."

5. Jos Vanstiphout. Golf has never seen a more colorful character than this failed pop singer turned shrink-to-the-stars, who died last Friday. Jos was more a shaman than a psychologist, but his players — including Ernie Els and Retief Goosen — bought what he was selling. No doubt right now he’s talking his way through the Pearly Gates.  


1. Stacy Lewis. How many tournaments can she lose on the 72nd hole in one year?!

2. Tiger Woods. What’s more stunning, that he blew a 4 shot lead with eight holes to play, or the tourney ended when he whiffed a short putt? The World Challenge is an otherwise unimportant event, but this loss will linger.

3. Helen Alfredsson. She was removed as an announcer from an LET broadcast for making an inappropriate remark about the helicopter crash in Glasgow that killed nine people. Note to pro golfers: this is not a topic that you should be joking about. Ever. Period.

4. Henrik Stenson. He finished fourth at Sun City, banking 238K Euros. This qualifies as a slump for him.

5. Simon Dyson. The guy has gotten more attention for breaking the rules than during his previous 14 years as a pro combined. He definitely deserves the Euro Tour’s sanctions, but the endless bad press was probably punishment enough.