Heroes and Zeros for This Week Include Lydia Ko and Jim Herman

April 4, 2016

Sports Illustrated’s Alan Shipnuck breaks down the good and bad — and sometimes even the ugly — of the weekend that was in professional golf. More often than not, someone blew a lead, another player stormed onto the scene and a few others provided us unforgettable moments, for whatever reason. Who is a hero and who is a zero? Find out below, but make sure to check back next week. You never know who will show up.


1. Lydia. A kick-in birdie on the 72nd hole to win your *second* major at the age of 18? Legendary.


2. Jim Herman. The guy was nails all day and split the fairway with his longest drive of the day (316 yards) on the final hole, a scary, watery par-4 that had many of the best players in the world bailing out into a bunker. Gotta love it when a career grinder summons the best golf of his life at exactly the right time.


3. Miguel Angel Jimenez. Sporty little Sunday 64 in Mississippi gave The Ponytail his third Senior tour victory in 10 starts. Watching this guy play will never, ever get old.


4. Donald Trump. The best press he’s gotten in weeks has been about his unwavering support of Jim Herman, who was once a shophand at Trump Bedminister. But wait, isn’t writing a check to someone who hasn’t earned it a form of socialism? Oh, who cares, it’s a cute story.


5. The Masters. It’s the best four days in golf. And it’s almost here.



1. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Masters week. It’s the most excruciating three days in golf, endless puffery and hagiography, all set to treacly piano music. Wake me when the tournament starts.


2. Dustin. Watching this mega-talent consistently fail to close is among the most frustrating things in the sport. This time, DJ failed to birdie the first three par-5s on Sunday and then on the 11th hole made double bogey by dumping his approach into the water. Le sigh.


3. Rickie. He also booted a prime opportunity to win in Houston, bogeying three of the last eight holes. Do we take these performances as positives, since they both played well for the better part of four rounds, or negatives because of the Sunday mistakes? Clearly I’m not the glass-is-half-full type.


4. Lexi. She had the 54-hole lead at the Dinah but was shaky on Sunday, making three bogies and zero birdies over the first 17 holes before a meaningless eagle at the last. The big difference between her and Ko is that Lydia consistently gets the most out of her rounds.


5. Freddy. Back problems are forcing the one-time Boom Boom to miss his first Masters since 1994. The guy is so popular in Augusta I think fans there will miss him more than Tiger. For real.