Heroes and Zeros: Sony Open

January 20, 2015


1. Tiger’s tooth. Even in absentia, it’s the biggest story in golf.

2. Jimmy Walker. Now that’s how you bounce back from kicking away a tournament. A year and a half ago, Walker was a highly-compensated underachiever. Now? Quite simply, he’s one of the baddest men on the planet.

3. Matias Dominguez. Some golfers spend their whole lives toiling to get into the Masters — he had the good fortune to enjoy a hot week at the inaugural Latin American Amateur Championship. Now No. 421 in the world amateur golf rankings is on his way to Augusta. Loco.

4. PGA Tour brass. The army of vice presidents in Ponte Vedra Beach took a bold stance against one of the most pressing problems in the game today: fans and players having too much fun at No. 16 at the Phoenix Open. This kind of visionary bureaucratic maneuvering must be celebrated.

5. Keegan Bradley. The world’s most obnoxious Beantown backer now gets to spend the next two weeks talking mess about the Patriots. It’s gonna be hard for him to line up any playing partners, that’s for sure.


1. Phil’s schedule. Is it too much to ask that just once his kids are on break the week of the Masters?

2. The Kayminator. There’s no middle ground in this guy’s game. When he blows a tournament, he goes big.

3. The World Ranking. So JWalk and PReed have won a combined eight times in the last two years but neither is in the top 10, while Furyk and Sergio both are even though they specialize in not winning. If a system rewards numbing consistency over victories, something needs to change.

4. Pine Valley members. Their course got bumped from No. 1 in Golf Digest’s latest ranking of America’s best courses. My heart bleeds for them.

5. Anthony Kim. Are we sure he wasn’t in Honolulu the night Robert Allenby got roughed up?

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