This week’s heroes? Jack Fleck and Matt Every’s caddie. Zeros? Adam Scott and Bubba Watson’s allergies


1. Derek Mason. Matt Every’s caddie gave one of the all-time great pep talks when his man was in trouble on the 16th hole, imploring him to lay up and try to make par the hard way, with a few f-bombs dropped in for emphasis. Every did as he was told, avoiding a big number and hanging on to his lead, and he had just enough belief in himself to pull out the first victory of his career. Sometimes that 10 percent is well earned.


Derek Mason

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2. Karrie Webb. Ho-hum, just a back-nine 30 on the way to a closing 63 for yet another victory for this ageless Hall of Famer. And whaddya know, she’s in fine form with Dinah Shore upon us. I hope she’s been working on her plunges in her backyard pool.


Karrie Webb

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3. Parity. The Florida Swing confirmed that this is the most wide-open Masters of the post-Faldo era. Who’s the favorite? Who knows.


Matt Every

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4. Ken Schofield, George H.W. Bush, Colin Montgomerie. Be very thankful you squeaked into the Hall of Fame in the last few years, boys, because those days are over. The new process for entry should help reduce the number of marginal enshrinees who in the last few years were turning St. Augustine into the Hall of Pretty Good.


Colin Montgomerie

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5. Jack Fleck. A mythical figure from golf’s past passed away after a long life well-lived. A half-century after he took down Ben Hogan at the 1955 U.S. Open, Fleck’s name is still golf shorthand for an epic upset. And it always will be.  


Jack Fleck

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1. Adam Scott. This gentle Aussie may be the nicest superstar on the planet, and therein lies the problem. For all his gifts, Scott lacks that certain killer instinct that is indispensable on Sundays. Pure talent and hard work will carry him to plenty of victories, but Scott needs to be a little more of a hardass to close consistently.


Adam Scott

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2. Lydia Ko. The wunderkind made four straight birdies on the front nine on Sunday to grab the Founders Cup by the throat but then suffered the first big bobble of her charmed career, a flurry of bogeys that cost her the tournament. Something tells me she’ll be okay.


Lydia Ko

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3. Kevin Na’s hecklers. C’mon, bro, the poor guy has enough voices in his head already — he doesn’t need your Coors-fueled bellowing, too.


Kevin Na

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4. Bubba. Note to the touring pro contemplating a withdrawal after shooting an 83: it’s always best to cite the all-purpose tightening of the back, or maybe a tender ankle. Using allergies as the excuse makes you sound a little soft. In any case, resist the urge to post goofy videos on the Internet the day of your WD, because it undermines any sympathy you might have otherwise been afforded.


Bubba Watson

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5. Keegan. After playing the first three holes on Sunday in three over par he fought hard the rest of the way. But, dude, if you’re gonna wear those shoes, you gotta make that putt on 18.


Keegan Bradley

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