Greg Norman Talks Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and All-Turf Courses

June 8, 2015

Welcome to’s Shark Week!

We’re featuring everything Greg Norman this week to celebrate one of the game’s most charismatic characters. The World Golf Hall of Fame member is on the cover of the July issue of GOLF Magazine, which features a wide-ranging interview with the two-time major champion who has become an international business mogul.

He stopped by for a live chat with our readers today and kept us thoroughly entertained. Here are the best bits from the conversation.

On the future of all-artificial grass courses:

Yes I can given the water issues (which are a major concern for golf course designers around the world) that will trouble many course in the future.

On curing the chipping yips: (Ed note: Is that you, Tiger?)

Grip pressure. Keep it soft. Short backswing created by good shoulder rotation accelerate through the ball and relaxed ankles.

Does Tiger Woods make the cut at Chambers Bay?

Yes. Fairways are wide enough for him to keep more balls in play.

On a fix for Tiger:

He will never return to the form of years ago. The body cannot give what the mind wants it to do. A factor of getting older and he has put his body through the ringer over the years. Like in all sports, the mental side is the greatest hurdle in moving forward. Not matter how good or bad you are.

On what shot from his career he would love to have back:

Easy, 1986 Masters second shot!!

Who would win: 2000 Tiger vs. 1972 Jack?

Oh a tough one. I would lean towards Jack. Better driver of the ball.

On playing Augusta National with all of the course changes:

Not in the last few years. It has changed. Eye line for tee shots different on many drives today. Premium on driving the ball now. Augusta have done a great job, given technology, in trying to have the players of today hit approx. the same iron as the players of my era and before.

On his favorite color:

Do not have one.

You can read the entire chat here.

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