Greg Norman May Never Play Golf Again After Chainsaw Accident

October 11, 2014

Greg Norman is unsure whether he'll be able to play golf again following a chainsaw accident that nearly cost him his left hand in September.

Appearing on the Fox Business Network on Thursday, the two-time major-winner told host Stuart Varney that much of his left hand is "still numb."

"Well we don’t know yet, we don’t know,” Norman said of his prospects for a full recovery. "I had my first swing in the gym the other day, not hitting a golf ball but just swinging a light weighted golf club and it definitely feels different. I mean I have to build up a lot of the muscle that was torn away here. Chainsaw does a good job, when you chainsaw a log you see all those chips come out, a little bit of flesh in there too."

Norman was trimming trees at his home in South Florida when the weight of a branch pulled his hand toward the chainsaw. The blade, he said, missed cutting his artery by less than an inch.

"I’m a Mr. Do It man,” he said. "I like to get in there and do everything. If I can do it myself I’m going to do it."

Norman, 59, is more entrepreneur than athlete these days. He rarely plays on the senior golf circuit, while his corporation, Great White Shark Enterprises, pursues a diverse range of business interests in course design, clothing and wine.

"I love being a living brand," he said. "I love growing it, I love seeing opportunities out there and the global market place is just extraordinary right now."

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