Greg Jennings, Golf Fan, Talks About His Love for the Game

March 19, 2015

Greg Jennings is a two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver and a Super Bowl champion, but most of all he’s a golf fan (although his four children have hindered his time on the course). On Tuesday, Jennings, who was released by the Minnesota Vikings Saturday and is a free agent, sat down with to chat about his golf game, his charity tournament, his dream five-some and more. So are you an avid golfer?

Greg Jennings: I wouldn’t say an avid golfer, but I would love to get back into that. With four kids it’s hard. Your tournament is coming up, what’s that like for you?

GJ: We have the Greg Jennings Celebrity Golf Classic June 22 in Maple Grove, Minnesota, and this will be our eighth year. We have always had tremendous assistance, sponsorship and different things that are tied into that, and the reason why we run that, that’s one of our major pieces of income that we use to generate revenue and grants that we supply throughout the Twin Cities and Kalamazoo, my hometown, to facilitate different things with the organization. Being the eighth year overall, is that important to you to be able to continue this?

GJ: Yes, it’s very important. Just being able to give back, give that assistance of education to empower youth through being an advocate of education, which will help them unlock doors that they never saw opening and be able to walk through. Did you play golf with teammates a lot in Green Bay and Minnesota?

GJ: I played with teammates a lot, especially my years in Green Bay. I played a lot more there than I did in Minnesota, but I did play with a few teammates in Minnesota as well. Being that I have a golf course right in my backyard, Interlachen, I’ll definitely start playing more. It’s one of those things where once you get kids you start getting so active in what they are doing, but my daughters actually want to pick up golf, so that’s going to be my escape. Golf is a difficult sport to jump into. What’s more nerve-wracking – playing in a Super Bowl or teeing off with about 100 people watching you?

GJ: Definitely teeing off with a lot of people watching. I don’t know how they perform at such a high level with the galleries. You talk about fine-tuning your focus. Ah man, just being able to isolate everything out and focus on hitting the ball and focusing on where you want to put it, that’s art, and it’s a gift. What’s your handicap?

GJ: I don’t really have a handicap, but if I were to jump out on a limb I would say I’m about a 20. I don’t play enough to say anything less than that. I used to actually be pretty good, but now I’m going to shoot anywhere from 90 to 95. What’s your best feat on the golf course?

GJ: I haven’t accomplished a hole-in-one yet, but that would obviously be the best feat. I have actually had an eagle before, but I feel like an eagle, some would say it’s more difficult than a hole-in-one, but a hole-in-one just looks so much better. Do you have a dream five-some to golf with?

GJ: I’ve never thought about that. That’s a tough question. I would definitely go Tiger in his prime. (Phil) Mickelson, and just because I never played with him Michael Jordan, and (President) Obama. Let’s get Obama in there. If you play with Jordan you probably have to gamble. Are you a big gambler on the course?

GJ: That’s the one thing I will say, watching him from afar, he is a pretty big gambler. I’m not a gambler at all, but we would definitely make some wagers on something. Something would have to go down. Couple jumps shots. Something. Obviously two very different games, football and golf, how do you approach each mentally? How are they different and how are they similar?

GJ: First with golf, golf is actually easier for me to approach. I go in with a mindset that I’m not great. There’s no reason to get upset because I’m not great and I don’t do this every day, and I’m not consistent enough to where I can say I should be playing at this level or that level. Where as football the approach is a lot different, I’m more relaxed, but the expectations are so much greater. But, however, golf is far more frustrating.

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