How GAME GOLF Helps G-Mac — And Can Help You, Too

Graeme McDowell carded a 2-over 74 on the first day of last week's British Open before quickly turning things around. McDowell finished with three rounds in the 60s, highlighted by a 5-under 67 on Sunday catapulting him up the leaderboard en route to a top-10 finish.

McDowell said in an interview with that he is currently playing some of the best golf of the season. One of the tools he uses to improve his performance is GAME GOLF, a digital shot-tracking system in which McDowell is an investor and user. The system can help golfers by recording a number of key metrics during a round, including shot distance and direction. That means you know exactly how far you hit that gap wedge and in which direction you tend to miss off the tee.

Here are some more ways G-Mac uses the system, and how it can help you, too:

Round Replay

GAME GOLF helps G-Mac study each shot from his round by logging different components of his play on the course, like displaying distance and direction averages, proximity to the hole and other factors.

Reveals Tendencies

McDowell is one of the most consistent drivers on Tour, but even he has problems at times with the big stick. According to the system, he’s missing the fairway on one of every four drives, and most of those misses end up missing left. With GAME GOLF, these tendencies are at the golfer’s fingertips, literally.


Prompts Adjustments

G-Mac can combine all the information from GAME GOLF and make the right adjustments in his round. Just like his drives, he tends to miss with long irons left as well. If a green 200 yards out is flanked by bunkers or water on the left side, it’s now obvious for G-Mac to play it safely out right.


There's a social aspect to GAME GOLF too. You can share your progress (and long drives) with playing partners and friends while you carve strokes off your handicap. The technology is finally here to find out who is really knocking them stiff and hitting drives out of sight – and that never gets old.


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