Goofy Questions for Jim Nantz

Goofy Questions for Jim Nantz

Q: What movie made you say, “That character is me! I should have played that role.?”
A: My ego doesn’t go there. I’ve never daydreamed about being anyone other than who I am, doing what I’m doing. There’s no bigger stage than this-even Hollywood. Why would I say, “I wish I was Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves?”

Q: Great, I’ll put you down for Costner.
A: No, no…

Q: You’re watching Jeopardy! The question is “Who is Jim Nantz?” What’s the answer?
A: “He’s the guy who hosts the green jacket ceremony in the Butler Cabin.” It’s a great honor to be so closely associated with the Masters.

Q: In that case, next up: Never announce another Masters, or never again know the sensual touch of a woman?
A: [Silence]

Q: We’ll come back to that. Philosophical question: Would you take Tiger’s short game if it meant your voice would always sound like you’d sucked on a helium balloon?
A: No, I wouldn’t want Tiger’s game or Tiger’s life. Nothing against him, but I’m living the dream, doing what I love.

Q: You say “Hello, friends” to begin every telecast. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these alternative openers: “I’m Jim Nantz, master of time, space and dimension.”
A: [Laughs] Too much ego.

Q: How about, “Wazzuuuup, playas!?”
A: I just can’t see it.

Q: One more. “Hi, my name is Jim Nantz and I can bench-press 300 pounds.”
A: I wish! But it’s not about me. It’s about the audience and exuding warmth in a welcoming manner.

Q: In big moments at majors, you like to use prepared phrases, right?
A: Well, they’re not written ahead of time. They just come to me, like when Tiger won [the Tiger Slam], and I said, “As grand as it gets.”

Q: Yes! So, if Chad Campbell wins a major, will you say, “Mmmm, mmmm good”?
A: It all depends on the moment. It has to be organic.

Q: For Jason Gore, might we suggest “Fats incredible!”? Or “No gut, no glory”?
A: That’s good. These are great questions. Thank you for these.

Q: Our pleasa’, playa’.

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